Happy 38th Anniversary, Temple Aviv Judea!

This past Wednesday, February 24, 2016, was TAJ’s 38th Anniversary.  It was February 24, 1978 in a small living room in Norwalk at the home of Bill and Beverly Davis.  Their son, Mike, led the service on Friday evening.  In April 1975 in Fullerton, of all places, Mike and I were introduced at my Seder.  We were just ‘babies’, but a vision of Messianic Judaism was given to Mike.  His whole family rapidly came to know Yeshua and helped us to get on our feet.

Through neighbors that lived near the Davis Family, they discipled them about Yeshua.  They encouraged Mike to go to Talbot in which he graduated a few years later.

Through Dr. Ray Gannon, he planted one of the first Messianic congregations since the congregation in Jerusalem existed in the first century.  We now have over 500 Messianic congregations in Northern America and over 50 in Israel.

We are so thankful to HaShem for bringing us through the wilderness, through many trials and tribulations.  As of October 2014, TAJ was given a building to worship the King.  May we continue to lift His Name, Yeshua.  Happy Anniversary, TAJ!!