Ha Yovel: The Redemption

We have a special family of almost ten (due any day) named the Ratthe’s.  The whole family spent two weeks harvesting on the vineyards of HaBaracha in Samaria  with the ministry, HaYovel.  These are Christians who love Israel and want to be part of THE REDEMPTION.  Francis and his two oldest boys just got back from PRUNING the vineyards.  Just a few days later, two IDF soldiers were knifed right outside the vineyard compound.  HaYovel became the first responders and were responsible for saving the lives of these two soldiers.  They came into the tent meeting and a Medic just happened to be the speaker of the evening.  The three minutes it took for the Israeli Army to converge on the scene was crucial.  They were not sure if they were going to be attacked by Jihadists.  The thirty Christian volunteers response to return to Israel was unanimous.  They all felt that they were now part of the Land. They would ALL be back.  They all felt what it was like to give back to the Land, His Land.  Ha Yovel is making a mark in repairing Yeshua’s reputation, which has been trampled on by the church.  The Israeli Farmers on this mountaintop in Samaria have seen a 700 % increase in production because of the Christian volunteers. If you are interested in going to Israel, not just for tourism purposes, but to partner with HaShem and His Chosen people to bring in the Redemption... consider HaYovel.  For more information:  hayovel.com


To hear the podcast from Israel:  listen to the impact to the Jewish people.  

What a difference from the world and the Boycott (BDS) and Christ at the Checkpoint.

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