E-News 2015-3-21

 The Passover Seder is SOLD OUT.
We only have a 200 maximum capacity.
You can put yourself on the waiting list.
 I want to thank all of you who make 
the Oneg (the lunch) 
a special event each week.
It is fellowship that is holy.
It demonstrates our love for one another
and most importantly, it lifts up the name of Yeshua.

Special thanks go Chris Oropeza and Juanita Guzman.
It is not an easy ministry to be leading, but they do it beautifully.

I also want to thank the women and men who help set up and clean each week.  This congregation is
filled with His love and our gratitude to Him.

 Happy Birthday to Leann!

Happy Birthday to Jennifer!

Happy Birthday to Rosie (Lambert's Mom)!
 Prayer Requests:
We pray for all those fighting sickness!
Pray for David Wegener who is still sick.
Pray for Azi Holman who has 'the bug'
 Pray for the whole Davis family who have the flu!
Also pray for Corrine Einarssen! flu
Praise the Lord!
Dana Baker returned to Temple only one week after knee replacement surgery!  We are thankful for your recovery.
We thank the Lord for healing Martha Lamb!  She was also back today after battling pneumonia.
Thank you Lord for keeping Lucy (Chris Mom) 
from getting worse.  She was hospitalized a few days ago.
She was also at the congregation today!

Congratulations to the Honorable John Moorlach
for his election as Senator for the State of California.

Please pray for Cindy Price.
May she find a permanent job and a place to live.
He is faithful.
Please pray for Alanna Denton as she travels to Alaska in March
 for a 5-week nursing internship.  
She will be graduating from Biola University in May 
and taking her R.N. licensing exam in June!
This week at TAJ 
Monday, March 23rd  7:30 pm
 Israeli Dancing with Jacob Giron
 Love donation at the door.

Wednesday , March 25th   7:30 pm
  Bible Study this week!
Please come and feed on His Word.
Shabbat HaGadol (the Great Shabbat) 
March 28, 2015

9 am  Tevah Tefillah (ark of prayer)  
Come join us for prayer BEFORE the service.
It is the core of our service.
Let us start with the right foot (heart) forward.

10 am   service begins

noon:  Oneg in fellowship hall
It is a time of offering to the Lord when you bring food for your brethren.

1:30 pm   Rabbi's Corner

Special Thanks:
I want to thank Neil and David for
establishing Security for us.
They love each and everyone of us.
 Pray for these two men.

Keep praying for Edmund Lautt
He sends his love to the congregation.
 He is home and is diligently doing his exercises. 
 It is going to be a long road ahead.
Prayers also for Helen.  


Prayers for Ruth Radzwill.  
She is undergoing rehab for her recent stroke.
She is presently at a Rehab in Irvine.
She is making remarkable recovery.
 Welcome Back, David Pierce!!
Mazel Tov to Edmund Cotta for a new job!
Upcoming events:
Sunday, April 19th  2:30 pm
Our 4th Annual March of Remembrance
It will begin on the steps of Fullerton City Hall.
We will then have a mile walk through Downtown Fullerton.
It is a prayer walk remembering those who were murdered
in the Holocaust.
I am attaching a PDF flyer for the March of Remembrance.
I invite you to print them and make copies....and give them out! 
Have a Blessed Week 
Rabbi Corey and his bride, Hilary