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WELCOME!... to TAJ's Kids Corner where you can learn all about our exciting Shabbat School program.  We teach solid Biblical principles following Torah with Yeshua HaMashiach as our foundation.  We have wonderful, dedicated teachers that have their own unique teaching style so the lessons are always fresh and well-planned.

We currently have four Shabbat School classes:  
 Kita Taleh – כיתה טלה (little lamb) ages 3-5
 Kita Kadima –  כיתה קדימה (moving forward) ages 6-9
 Kita alef-bet – אָלֶף־בֵּית  learn to read Hebrew before you enter our bar/bat mitzvah prep class- age 10
 Kita Tikvatenu – כיתה תקוותנו (our hope) ages 11-13 -Our bar-bat mitzvah preparation class.

Stay tuned.. to learn more about our curriculum, kids corner with Rabbi, songs and dances we are learning, our Kids Page... and more!



Superintendents Ingrid Rengifo and Renee Brown have organized our Shabbat School curriculum for the new year.  We have the same great teachers and more exciting events as our children get older.  We are looking forward to seeing all our TAJ kids get involved.  Stop by and get acquainted...our rooms are in the back...just listen for the joyful sounds coming from our kids.


The children recite their memory verse.  

  Rabbi blesses the children.


            Don't miss this:  Bar Mitzvah 

                     Aiden Rengifo

                    tomorrow 12-16 ... Miketz                              


                                                         final preparations

              Penny Davis celebrated her first year anniversary of becoming 

                                                      a bat mitzvah   

                                          She troped from Vayishlach.


                 Guest speaker Rami Danieli LOVED IT!!

                Leia, Bekka, Tova, and Penny led the woman's group 

                    and explained EVERYTHING about Chanukah.



Coming next year....

Bat Mitzvah of Bekka Rengifo... Noach


                                                and Bar Mitzvah of Uzziel Beltran... Toldot


     The teen girls group had a sewing session and made adorable pillows.

                                  ..with a photobomb by Jacob...lol


           We have a new teen group just for our young men.


                            Led by John Lamb and Greg Davis



"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with G-d, and the Word was G-d."   

John 1:1  NASB


TAJ kids