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11/7/2018: On this page are all the key leadership meeting documents from the last 3 + years. 

Our first meeting was on 2015-3-1. Our next meeting was 2016-6-5. Then we met about every 90 days after that. Through 2018-8-25, our most recent meeting, we held a total of 8 meetings with about 25 - 30 Aviv leaders.

The 18 month and 5 year goals were developed after prayer and meditation and then prioritized based on how each participant felt G-d had led them. (See the June 5 page)

I've included the original and prioritized goals as well as key revisions to the goals as we made progress over the next several months.

Our Mission and Vision statement was developed at our 2017 May and October meetings and is posted under our "Values & Histories" tab at the top of our website.

The TAJ blessing stories are how our leaders felt blessed by their service and participation at Aviv. Some of them are shown on the "Values & History" tab at the top of the page on the "Stories from the Trenches" page. With the tellers permission they were edited a little for brevity and to focus on a theme while retaining the story sentiments and facts.


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